Who are we?

We're an all-female group that meets twice a month at local breweries, restaurants, and other members' houses for a couple hours to play and have a drink while catching up. We range in age from 20-40's with a variety of professions, family types, origin stories, belief systems, character stats... What we all have in common is we love to play modern board/card games in a relaxed setting where we don't have to be "on".

When/where do you all meet?

Generally, twice monthly. Second Thursdays in the evening (6-8p) and fourth Sundays in the early afternoon (1-3p). We don't typically decide on the location until a couple days before, but we can guarantee it will be local. We'll also give ample warning if it's a potluck kinda occasion.

We put our calendar here since the site is low traffic, but please don't just show up! Scroll to the bottom if you want to join us!

What games have you played?

So far: Ouisi, Everdell, Calico, Cascadia, Azul: Summer Pavilion, Between Two Castles of Mad King Ludwig, High Society, The Crew: Quest For Planet Nine, Roll For It, Planet, Escape from the Evil Garden, One Night Ultimate Werewolf, Kingdomino, Parks, Uzzle, Fluxx, Sushi Go!, Spot It!, and Codenames. List gets updated with each game night.


We wanted to explore the dynamics of a game where it's only gals about, as all of us have exclusively played in mixed/co-ed groups or been the token girl. It's revealed a number of interesting findings and turned out to be smashing good fun, especially when craft beer is involved. (being sober is a-OK too!)

We also needed a website for our drunken ideas and hosting our shared game library, ie. making ourselves look legit. =p

Drunken ideas, you say?

Aww yiss. We often have banger thoughts that vanish into thin air when we wake up sober the next day.

If you want to take point on a game or gamecraft night, tell me your preferred date(s). I can help you organize if you need!

The file is here. Edit away for YOUR drunken ideas!

Shared game library, you say?!

No one wants to spend $40+ on a lukewarm game, yeah? Enter the library: an updated index of games available for loan (of respectful duration) to any other member in our collective. This is perfect for hobbies like this where we only have so much $$$ to go around. This allows us to:

  • Try a game before we buy it for our families

  • Get our fix on a game we don't want to own but still enjoy playing

  • "Expand" our collection by leveraging the quirky interests of others

  • Contribute to the making of beautiful memories for people outside your immediate circle

If you want to add your name to the spreadsheet let me know!

Shared Game Library

Do you have room for another awesome girl?

We have a solid core group of five at the moment, but one really can't know enough awesome girls.

Email me and let's set up a coffee/tea at a local cafe. I'm partial to Javastop!

(basically the best city)